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I I had sex 4 days after my period and take postday but not me low I can be pregnant

Well I had my rule on 8 October this year I was 12 on October 15 I had sex not ejaculated in me but nevertheless take this day to 10 days post bleeding me hard about three days and already my accounts took a month late I'll be pregnant would add that the first days I had belly pains low hope me


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The morning after pill is a pump hormone to your body, usually, you take this pill late menstruation because that would upset the balance of hormones in the body causing various symptoms such as migraine headaches, sore breasts, nausea, drowsiness, loss of appetite, among other this the side effect of bleeding that causes for several days, and are often confused with menstruation, it is normal. I advise you to get out of doubt you do a pregnancy test.


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Because what matters now is that you know breastfeeding a baby


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