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Seat 127 does not start (no spark)

I'm restoring a mythical Seat 127, so I rescued after it took 6 YEARS without starting, and it stopped working, after you have cleaned up the cooling circuit... Etc, I tried to start it by cleaning carb.. new Plugs... new Oil.. Well after wetting a little bit the electrode of the spark plug in gasoline, have changed the coil because the old one had oxidized contacts, since after all this.. will NOT START! Or putting gasoline direct admission starts go.. So that gives no spark because if you give at least would make the attempt to start. The platinum I see that it is closed (so that the contact of this this stuck on the other end), and the rotor delco is cracked, but I don't know if this has to do to eject the spark. I'm totally lost, and would like me to orientarais a bit!


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First, it changes cap distributor, rotor".. by putting the piston in the cylinder 1 above"look at light platinum"you have to have a little bit nothing more(as you commented above).. to get you out more doubts sacá the valve cover"and the cams of cylinder 1 would be without stepping on"and the 4-in-balance(so moving a little to each side)would have to play (the cam)intake and exhaust)"there, look at light platinum(with the 1 above).. obvious that is the 1 and the 4!... if desconfías of the ignition key to"send a cable from the positive of the battery... the coil'.. and test if it comes to power... hopefully!


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The first contact of the platinum in the open has to have a clearance that can get a business card, you cojes and you aces a lamp point with a pilot blink side a cable to ground and the other wing coil wire that goes to the platinum with the contact because you give buertas to the engine at the crankshaft pulley carries a face that has to match with the cap distribution just when the match has to light the lamp but lights up loosens the delco and jiralo horn to turn on .With current gasoline and it has to start


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