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Renault Scenic 2 1.6 16v relentin unstable

I have a Scenic of the 2004 second generation, I have a few questions, when you start cold sounds like a couple of seconds as a pulley and sometimes stops, then I notice that revolutionizes at 2,000 rpm then goes down another question when it accelerated and loose gas is as that the vehicle s ontinue speeding up I do not know if all of these symptoms have relationship, and finally you know any page where you have this described engine to know where their parts.


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I would start with the valve the IAC(stepper).. you will find it near the butterfly"or in the multiple of admission".. has a tab with two wires"sacala and limpiala with w40" and reassemble"always disconnect the battery".. keep in mind that there may be codes as the radio".. you have to put it back in.. and finally check air filter... good luck!


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