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Retiree wants to buy House

My mother who is retired (has 68 years old and lives in Madrid) wants to buy a house bigger so that we can live with it and care for it. To do this, you have thought of selling in which you live now, and that is its usual home, but takes only 2 years as usual housing. You have found a house that cuadraría perfectly but still does not have the liquidity from the sale of your current home. What options do you have to be able to finance the new house? We understand that if you sell your house now, you will have to pay a lot of taxes for being less than 3 years, do you not? We thought that we could take a mortgage, but my wife does not work and I just started to work as a standalone, I don't think that they give us no credit. What options do we have?


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You have it very badly. She not going to grant any mortgage, unless you already have the money from the sale of your current home, which give it as down payment for the new, and the rest to finance was very low. But would have to start to sell your current home. The time to consider it his "residence", is the least.


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We recommend that you read the following link: [http://www.bolsamania.com/declaracion-impuestos-renta/exencion-por-venta-de-vivienda-para-mayores-de-65-anos/](http://www.bolsamania.com/declaracion-impuestos-renta/exencion-por-venta-de-vivienda-para-mayores-de-65-anos/) It seems to Me very enlightened, I understand that even if you have not lived continuously in time three years, (in the article it speaks of two), in any case if it is the only housing that has women, and is the living of the effective, I think that despite any doubt residual your mother would be reinvesting in the regular home, if it provides reasons that may justify the change of residence, for example a medical report that advised a change of address for reasons of health, see the following: Requirements for the regular home The website of the Tax Agency and the [Act on income TAX](http://www.bolsamania.com/declaracion-impuestos-renta/ley-irpf/) pick up the **concept of residence**. In this sense, to be able to apply appropriate deductions must meet the following requirements: 1. **Which constitutes the residence of the taxpayer for a period continuing at least three years**. There are some exceptions, such as the death of the taxpayer or circumstances that require the change of address such as marriage, separation, work-related reasons, a disability that had not previously or new spouse's... It is not a closed list, but as we enter into marshy ground. With regard to financing, it seems complicated, there are companies that can stay the house of his mother by way of swap, plus the compensation, but by the looks of it, they need total funding, and currently this is very complicated. Please rate the answer.


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