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What can be a good book of calculation?

I wish that someone recommended a good book of calculation I if they know of any. I would like especially to come well explained part of the Taylor Formula and the Formula of McLaurin


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Accounting, this question has rather little. However I found this that can help you a lot: [http://www.cartagena99.com/recursos/alumnos/apuntes/Tema%204.%20Series%20de%20Taylor%20y%20MacLaurin%20Ed.2.pdf] (http://www.cartagena99.com/recursos/alumnos/apuntes/Tema%204.% 20Series%20de%20Taylor%20y%20MacLaurin%20Ed.2.pdf)


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[http://ocw.um.es/ciencias/analisis-matematico-i/Material%20de%20clase/5.3formulataylor.pdf] (http://ocw.um.es/ciencias/analisis-matematico-i/Material%20de%20clase/5.3formulataylor.pdf)


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