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I would like to know the value of a picture

! [] (/ / blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/48c856d6c355b2363bf604d865c6bc8f.jpg) I found a box in the garage of my grandparents and I would like to know its value. The measurements are 76 x 54 and it is painted on sheet.


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It is an engraving on paper, the copy number 50 of a total of 50 copies, that is to say, the last copy recorded. It is a short-run. It is titled Julie I, in the year 1968, but I can't read the name. Could you tell me what to put in the signature? In an engraving of a thing is the measure of the paper, which has a lot of margin another measure of the mancho or the area of the drawing. Can you tell me the measurements of the part of the drawing? I see that the engraving is bent. There is that to keep it flat not rolled. When you know these data, we are able to say the market value.


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