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Business transfer

My sister works in a jewelry store (18 years), now retire to your head and says you must sign a voluntary separation for which we will never be able to claim any indenizaciĆ³n according to him not entitled to anything by cesar retirement. It is also proposed to transfer the business to an old commercial, but for transfer you are required to sign that paper to my sister because they say that if you do not, could not do the transfer. The new owner who would keep the business and says he wouldn't mind staying with my sister but would change their terms and conditions and does not respect the old, nor salary, nor hours, etc so that she would rather they send it to the unemployment and looking for another type of work herself. The case is that whatever you are being pressured to sign that paper of resignation and she did not know what to do because their family situation is not very good at this time. I appreciate if you can advise me in this case so that we can know which steps there are to give in a case like this. Anyway I expose the injustice of that after a life in a same site the owner is retiring and the employee remains with one hand in front and another behind, without a right to anything. It is a horror.


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Voluntary separation NOTHING. Will have to give the letter of communication of cessation of business and the payment of one month's salary as compensation, if the query makes it from Spain. But the crux of the matter is that the business is not closed, but transferred, and in that case you should transfer also the employee with their rights acquired, and of course that's not like the business that what they want is a new contract with zero seniority and lower wages. Therefore negotiate, because if dismissed on the grounds and demonstrate that the activity continues then that dismissal would be considered unfair. In summary, proving that they do not suck their thumb and that you know your rights, volunteer nothing because it does not fit to the reality. The following link has comments [http://www.arrabeasesores.es/noticias/detalle/jubilacion-empresa-indemnizacion-trabajadores](http://www.arrabeasesores.es/noticias/detalle/jubilacion-empresa-indemnizacion-trabajadores) Please note that I do not hold any link with them, I just thought it would be useful to your case. I pray valued reply.


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