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Bitch pregnant woman in contact with parvovirus constant

Want information regarding about the situation of bitch in gestation in contact with puppies from parvovirus The week of Christmas, four of my puppies contracted the disease parvo, three of them died and one of time is safe, the issue is that within the incubation and early symptoms, and the little recovery time in the situation atrocious and ferocious of this type of infession, the mother of the litter was enbarazada and as everything has been so fast that the place has been infested both inside and outside the dwelling customary where they live the dog Before the doubt and some confirmations of lack of care by the staff of the veterinary center my question and my concern is how should I proceed accordingly because the bitch has been in constant direct contact with the fluids of the symptoms of the puppies and there is no real information neither on the network nor in the professionals to happen really in the direct consequences of the female dog and her future pups, For them it is easy to say, clean everything, disinfect everything, which is to clean up everything, sack the house and shot all over, bed, mattress, bedding, cabinets, furniture, crazy, I have three adult dogs and the puppy in the recovery of Health status And I don't have help, only that I'm with my dogs, and I have no place where we can go to be somewhere safe without the parvo and as you commented the puppy remains within the dwell usual and the adult dogs also included the bitch pregnant That I can do in this situation because even though I could travel to another place, the dog would have to return to feed and care for my other animals and would be back in contact with the inhabits of contagion How can I avoid so much doom in this real situation Actually what danger this exposed And that also links the lack of economic resources and transport, why live in the field and I'm possibly without help, or personal or economic, I am aware that should I do an ultrasound to know how many puppies come in and if all are alive inside the uterus to not put the dog in danger and can pass some kind of problems because in the middle of labor my sick girl that I do and if all goes well, but I have to attend the birth in the same dwelling would like to know how to proceed so that the dog does not have risk of complications in childbirth and after childbirth What can I do if I cannot find solutions within the set time, as I can proceed with the delivery with the minimum dangers - You can tell me where I can go to in the social to be able to ask for help in this real case, I live 8 km from the village, I do not have transport to move my dogs in case of need and as I have been reporting on some negligence, veterinary, in a village of 50.0000 inhabitants, is known the world over, all the world recognizes the manipulation that is hidden by part of the staff because everyone is known and demand is to recognize the errors that have occurred in the case of my dogs, and deceased as missing days for the. Delivery I'm tried to pass me events and here there is a veterinary center caring help for the needy, I am 8 km from the town of ronda, province of malaga, Andalusia, I am concerned about the health of the bitch if I can't travel to another place for the delivery and tracking of the delivery, and I have to give light to the bitch at the same dwell usual that I do I've noticed the dog has periods of fever and a little decay, also the departure of the cschorros that they had 5 months of living together in the same dwelling of the litter central and that also they have been affected by level of experience and have had days of anxiety and distress and disorders - now we have to look how to solve the possible complications in this case, The delivery is expected for next weekend, since the 10/13/14/15 and I have days to try to solve without the means of this type of potential consequences for the health of my animals,


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