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Solutions for my chihuahua dog.

My dog is a chihuahua is 2 and a half years. You have approximately as a 2 week term period of my puppy, but since then she has been in heat she licks me too almost all the time. Sometimes I lay in bed with Her and passes lamiéndome and trying to mount my arm and not sure how to take that abito. Also, I have noticed that she scratches a lot, I take it to the vet my sister and was told that there was nothing that didn't have scabies or anything. The and checked to see if you have the symptoms of scabies but it is not only scratch. We have tried to emparejarala with other dogs but she does not want to leave the Ride if not the revez she wants to ride as I can fix this. Apart from that I lambe a lot of notice that it makes me a little foam under your lip. Atudenme please since my sister keeps insisting that if it continues will put you to sleep, better said, the will to kill.


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Respect that your dog will lick and you try to mount can be a clear symptom of anxiety or even of dominance. The dominance is more easy to detect. Anxiety can manifest in a dog that yawns in excess. Other signs such as licking herself could also be anxiety. My dog was wrong but because it was very loving and had offspring, and after that it became conpulsiva kissing could be an hour lamiéndote hand and what I was to tell you that it seems very angry, once she stopped licking and said, well done, and let me lamiera a single time as a reward, so that does not associate the licking with something negative sinplenente the lick in excess. Then you can teach lamerte and you will be easier for you to stop it. With what you mount is the same you have to be firm and you notice that his behavior anxious you don't like it (since it is not good for your dog). If your dog does not let it ride you do not have to get is your decision, and if you try to mount other then the situation is covierte in a game of dominance with the other dogs, she knows perfectly well that this is a female, so she knows that they want to ride. What of the foam to better see the vet but if it is "normal" to have saliva


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