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What oil to use in a Skoda Favia II 1.2 HTP - 44KW petrol 2010?

I have a Skoda Favia II 1.2 HTP - 44KW petrol, 2010 and I want to do I do the next oil and filter change. What oil I you recommend? I had thought to put the that takes 10W40 synthetic Long Life. Do you any recommendation? Is that I see on the Internet recommend the 5W30. I live in the province of Barcelona. The weather in my city is mediterranean, mild and temperate. The average annual temperature is about 16ºC. The minimum temperature is usually about -2ºC. The hottest month is usually July with an average temperature of 25ºC, and the coldest January with an average temperature of about 9,2 ºC.


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How many cylinders is your engine?


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My humble opinion: \_Todas temperatures. \_SAE 5W-30 longlife (long duration ). \_OEM VW504.00 Totally agree with Alexander and with the issue of oil from the workshops.


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I have the same as your, (Skoda Fabia HTP 1.2 3-Cylinder). Currently I've been Petronas Syntium 5w30, range maintenance of the car's computer and change the filter at every oil change. What do I do. Now has 144.000 Km.


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