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Citroen c5 anti-pollution System defective

Yesterday my Citroen C5 1600 hdi 110 CV 2010 I went out on screen anti-pollution system defective, and lost power and switched on the light to damage the engine, what can it be?


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By what you explain, the more likely it is that you have collapsed the filter antiparticles. This, normally, can occur, or because it circulates a lot for the city, or because you're going to legal speeds without straining the vehicle, or may be due to a problem of a sensor, which has commanded the order of descolapsar. For descolapsarlo, the mark Wurtz sells a spray (it costs approx. 100 euros), which, by my experience (I went through the same thing) is a wonder. Desenroscas the sensor input, with the filter at medium temperature (after having the car booted a few minutes, for which neither burn, nor it is cold), you empty half-pot, re-tighten the sensor, and you give it a spin, bringing the engine on high turns and you'll see all the black smoke that you loose your car at a time. Yes: do it in a secluded area, because if you get in town, you risk a fine, the smoke is very scandalous. To prevent that will from happening again, it takes time when the car is very high in laps, on the road. If it was due to a sensor, would be repeated in a few days, but you already know that it is only change that sensor, and not the filter, that costs a fortune.


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It is very possible that you will still be without additive, carry it to a shop they know of that system, since, in addition to fill the vessel will have to adjust the system


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It is the FAP filter or antiparticulas, this in the exhaust where the Lambda probe and the catalyst, they say that you can not clean it, but if you can, it's carbon that blocks the exit of the exhaust gases, on YouTube there are videos that explain how to clean it, one of them is to give cane to burn the charcoal, and ejecting it out the exhaust, is produced by circular lot by the city or by road at low revs


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