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The car starts sometimes. I think it is the starter, How can I detect that either that or the clausor?

I have a citroen xsra2.0 hdi, and suddenly one day I didn't have anything to turn on. The contact makes it perfect but the starter does nothing! I have tested the battery and say it is okay. Now I've moved a meter off in neutral and I have given and I have started...do you know what it can be? To my little understanding I think it is the starter, that they have spent "brushes" or broken or something, and that is why it creates a bad contact and sometimes starts...


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If when it doesn't start you put any changes.. first or second and push in a little and then giving boot, it boots well.. it is the Bendix of the starter motor. In addition, if you do that you have to make someone the boot and boots, are the brushes (carbons of the starter motor) ... If doing all the above does not start up... but sometimes yes and sometimes no.. is the internal contact in the Bendix, singed. In "all" cases . is the starter motor. Just pull the tooth and check or change it.


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There is a simple trick: if you not start, try to give it a few taps to the starter motor, in the middle of your body, with the handle of a hammer, or the wrench of the wheels, or the handle of a wrench... Without fear, that's not going to break. If after these blows, kicks off, is that the brushes are very worn, and they are stuck (and have been taken off by the blows). In that case, you will need to replace them as soon as possible, because very shortly will no longer boot, even if you hit the body of the starter motor. In workshop official, it is normal that you do not change the brushes and offer you a starter remanufactured. There are some free workshops that still change brushes. If not start with the shocks, then it will be clausor, or electronic, or any contact.


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