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I feel ugly skinny and that not gustare le anyone

First doesn't like any guy the guy I like only sees me as a sexual object, but not for anything serious like other guys and I really I don't insinúo to anything to them, I always see the guys as a friend nothing serious and I really am beginning to resign for someone to want me, it hurts me that the guy that I like or cares and you tell me fall in love with another but I have always liked hadta I taking partner doesn't that make your indifference kills me and no one is enakora demi is what hurts me most s


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Well the issue you have is self-esteem my dear friend, if someone does not want something serious, simply it is better to cut this relationship or leave it as a friendship, the love, the attraction cannot be forced, not all people are made for a person. I'll give you my example fat in a society of skinny, ugly and unattractive socially withdrawn because I don't like to talk about and engage in conversations with anyone. But madly in love with a girl from primary school. I loved where you want the look but she's not me paying attention. Well I discovered that at the end she was not for me nor I for her, and come to that conclusion accepting myself, with the understanding that as I am I am well. That was just as it should be. And that if she didn't like it or I don't put attention for being so I should not change. I started to love myself, to be me regardless of the that say not to worry to live the quiet life and peaceful that I like it, in that way I met a girl, we met as friends we became the best of friends. I started to like and I to her, we spent the hard days (I got out OF THE FRIENDZONE). But today 23/04/18 this less than a month of becoming my wife. Now imagine if I had engaged in to be only with the one that I liked but that was not looking at me, in changing my way of being because no one liked him and no to myself I liked it because it didn't want me. Maybe today my life would only be a huge disaster. It is for this reason that I say part in front of the mirror. Look and believe it in your heart and repeat again and again every time that you do not accept it. You are perfect as you are.! And if someone says otherwise (unless the physician in health issues) is simply not someone who deserves attention and who does not know the jewel that they could have in their hands. Focus on your life goals, studying works travel knows. At some point the person really is for you to arrive and not going to ask you for more that you are your same. So you can accept and so will amara. Luck. Anything you can write me. Values the answer. Have A Happy Day.


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I recently suffered a heartbreak, it was of a girl that I fell in love with as crazy of her and she of me, we spent 1 year and 3 months, the truth was the best thing that happened to me, this is like 1 month and a half, you know despite that you still love her and that I am sorry for her, she left me for a discussion, he forgot about everything I felt for her, she left me with a broken heart, and now I'm here and I'll give you my best advice, don't get stuck just thinking about a person, take the opportunity to get to know more people, oh people that you just will look ugly and that's why you think they are all the same, you're not ugly, believe me I don't know you but every woman is beautiful, and you are, you are very beautiful, stops paying attention to these feelings, get up and smile, listen to a little music and let the life move forward, you know people and give them the best of you, give them all the love you can give, you'll see that you'll find someone to love you as you are, just you wait and see <3


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You have a self-esteem issue, we're not going to ask now because, well, look, I advise you to psychotherapy, and also because there any antidepressants which raise your hormone the confidence in if same, and you may have some anxiolytic light of time


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