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Load battery AUDI A4

I've been a couple of months without using the car and yesterday, at the start, they lit the low battery warning. I got the car, I was rolling a half-hour and it again was not on the notice. I have a battery charger and compact I've looked in the car manual how to connect it. Is an AUDI A4 Avant B8 2011, and indicate two points on the bonnet front to connect the charger, although the battery is behind under the spare wheel in the trunk. The procedure implies that I have to leave the hood open all day. Even though I have it in the garage I don't think it's the best idea. I want to know if it is possible to charge the battery directly from its terminals in the back, which would allow me to leave the charger inside the boot and pull out the power cord caught by the seals on the tailgate is closed until the plug is next.


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Clear that if.


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As you say, you have turned on the battery light. If that is the case, your problem is not the battery but the alternate is not charging enough. You can check this with a multimeter. Measured the battery voltage with the car stopped... and then with the car started when you turn on the battery light. Should be higher with the booted, if it is not, almost certainly your alternator is failing. Charge the battery with a charger is a provisional measure, since it is downloaded to not work the alternator


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It is possible to stop charging the battery, in the first place you see the battery compartment is the battery, disconnect a terminal and leave it charging 24 hours to load slow, probably charge to 100 x 100


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