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5-month-old baby

Started recently, but the fight only get worse with time. I have them as if they were my babies. Also, I have a mom, but she doesn't get in the fights. One is a little larger than the other, and it is a pity more . When you grab it is thus impossible to separate them. Idk what to do!


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You'd have to figure out the why of those fights, if they fight over food, toys or always. Will need to be corrected on the spot when this happens, quiet that are not pit bulls will not be difficult to separate them. It would be fine consultases in forums of animals or experts, any book in the library might help you. But it is not good to treat them well always, to pamper them and give them everything and not begging when they do something bad, I have 4 chihuahuas and a American stanfford, I'm not an expert but whenever I see a negative behavior move the dog to another room, never punishment by hitting or yelling your name because when you call relate that with punishment or something bad and will not come. I repeat I am not an expert..


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The truth is that the fights come out of nowhere, they share toys and food either get into a fight. If the challenge and left them in another room. But lately wall that they can't see. If I am looking everywhere for a possible solution.


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