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Can you die from having worms?

I have a litter of huskys. Have 1 month and 6 days. And Friday we began to give the syrup deworming sent me to the vet, and told me that he would give the Friday, Saturday and today. And today I realized I have a lot of worms and white-some of them huge... how do I kitarselas? Can you die? Is it bad for children to be with them while they have worms?


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Worms and worms are found in the waste that make the cubs so there is no problem as long as your children not to play or come to waste. What is important is a deworming internal because that is what affects the pup. Therefore it will have to be healthy food, avoiding to give her intestines, or other things to eat type snacks. The puppies will be cared for between 20 and 30 days of life with a product prescribed by the veterinarian, don't worry too much about it but to avoid this before you would have to deworm the mom to avoid that pass on to the puppies.


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