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Saunier Duval Thema Condens 25 F, ambient thermostat digital

I've bought in thermostat digital room of the brand Garza, I have read that to connect this type of thermostat is connected to the rt 24v (replacing the bridge that carries the boiler). I wanted to know if this is correct and because you put in a connection of 24 volts. Another question, someone you can explain to me is the connection eBUS because I find nothing of information, I only see that is used for the thermostat expensive.


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A thermostat is a voltage-free contact, with what better the less tension flowing through him, the better, that is why it is at 24V. The connection eBus is to thermostats Wifi and modulating so that the boiler can process the information sent from this thermostat. We hope to have helped you from Seralgas. Purchase the boiler [Junkers Cerapur 24 2C](https://seralgas.es/comprar/calderas-de-gas/junkers-cerapur-zwbc-24-2c/) in the store Seralgas an unbeatable price.


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