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Fund fixed term undocumented per box.

We are heirs of a fund's fixed term, the legal Service of the Box, seven years later indicates to us that does not have data of the same by destruction of documentation they allege, having cancelled the 1/1/2005. Saturday and public holiday. We found out this after the second I urge court for a property, as well as proof of payment, since all the certifications we gave the depositing bank of the year 2003, the year of the death of the deceased, with which this fund is after death and before the declaration of heirs. The bank covers its bad management by hiding and disappearing data If I don't know the balance, how can I sue them? Can I ask for the compensation from the guarantee fund of deposits by value of 100000€, although the bank is not broken?. Or how I can sue if the bank does not give me the cancellation, firms, contracts, and it could not dump the background to the primers of the holder, as it was cancelled in 2003, by an aunt of mine, authorized in the account irrespectively of both. Where was the money, was left the bank with, or who get sued for it. I could guide thanks.


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We can only recommend that you put in the hands of an attorney that will help you with these issues... you will have to put a claim on the defender of the client of the entity and possibly the bank of Spain... or will be the court who will claim this documentation... The deposit guarantee fund, to our knowledge, will not respond to your request, it is not for this... In any case, the insurance that the banks would charge...


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