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My cat a few days ago I enter in zeal, she comes from a miscarriage, this time for more that we kept you distracted, or locked up managed to escape through a window and was lost for two days. We saw mating with a cat 4 days ago, unfortunately I can't have kittens babies due to lack of space, money and food. My cat is the rescue of baby and I would not like to throw away the kittens, my family and my acquaintances are not lovers of cats therefore is impossible for me to keep them. Is there any way to make my cat an abortion? Not even reach a week, I NEED URGENT HELP.


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If it is so few weeks you see directly to the vet and discuss this to see how much you charge, if they were 45 days would be to go for surgery and hence caesarean section. Anyway, to avoid this, close windows and the cat not out partying, then this happens and has to act :/


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