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What's wrong with my guinea pig? Should I worry and take him to the vet? Is it normal why flies leave eggs?

Recently while cleaning the cage of my guinea pig I found what I thought was poop but ground and damp around the bottom of the cage, and at most where is the water, part I found as a small larvae, fat and coffees but they were killed by what is not moved, I thought I could be a fly larvae that eat the waste of my guinea pig and they turned brown. The case is that you thoroughly clean his cage and I put in new chip, when I take control I asked why and they told me that it was because of the moisture of the urine and sold me a thing such as paper, pressed to use instead of chip. The problem is that re-appear and I worry so much more when searching out the chip not only did I see that as poop ground moist and the Mini-larvae as well as dead, if not that, I saw a few worms too skinny and white like earthworms, the truth is not that they were, and these were not dead, they moved a lot and were to the side of where the water is, I was scared a lot and since then it's been watching a lot, but I don't find the exact moment to find his poop fresh to see if it has worms, in the hair and skin does not have. I've wormed every time I went to veterinary control, but when I switched to a specialist in exotics told me that it was not advisable desparacitarlo in each control if you do not see worms in your house, why then the parasites become immune. Please help, I'm very, very worried, and today I found again these worms are white and take him out immediately from the cage, now is with me and he will cleanse the cage. Please, what should I do? Do you worry and take him to the vet? Do not worry about what is normal for the flies in summer leave eggs? Help, I don't want you to pass anything and I'm afraid to reread it to get in the cage even that has been cleaned well with soap. It should be noted that my mom has many plants around or near your cage, will you be able to be worms there? Thanks:c


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These worms then turn into midges small, almost smaller than a mosquito. These midges are born of meals, usually of seeds, is because my birds also have... The brown you mention the dead, is not that they are dead is that they are the buds, as these worms whitish become midges... It is not that your guinea pig has cuckoos, is that these midges lay eggs on the droppings of our pets... Stay calm because your guinea pig will not pass anything. Also I advise that you clean the cage regularly.


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