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300 tm storage chamber for refrigerated product

I need how many engines I will need and how many hp are they going to be


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Walter, this is as true for this question as for the other that you did on the transformer, and I pray that you don't take this the wrong way, because it is a constructive criticism, you'll save many troubles: These doing as a heart surgeon that is going to make a change a heart valve... and ask for the internet "by where short the heart, and as I connect the circulator artificial blood". That camera, for its design, needs the work of a specialist Engineer in the subject and SEVERAL (OR MANY) DAYS OF WORK. It is not, "to calculate a cable": you must take into account such things as the type of insulation of the chamber, outside temperature, average and maximum, temperature to the desired temperature in the interior, time in that you need to cool down the load, amount of load that is removed and replenished daily... and various other things. Even you say that this camera does not use any type of freon... but AMMONIA, a substance highly hazardous, which should be handled by PROFESSIONALS. The total of the plant that query, what exceeds widely the MILLION DOLLARS... does Not justify paying a few thousand dollars to a professional who will solve all of this "IN SITU"?. Because keep in mind, that a small error there, it means that 300 tons of goods rot, or that the client will spend up to 200,000 dollars or else in a computer that does not need it... and you, for having erred in the design, do you cut off a head? Anyway, to the professional you are going to need: Because such a plant, not, they are going to enable or that you live in the Congo without the signature of someone who is trained and responsible for the installation.


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