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Savings Account

Hello, I have a savings account indistinct in the name of my mother (deceased), two brothers and I, we want to move the balance of that account to which we each have in other entities, my question is if that movement detected by the hacienda, and if so, I can investigate, we are talking about three movements of around 40,000 euros each. If I can advise and guide you about which is the best way of doing it, I would really appreciate it.


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Since then these movements are controlled by the bank of spain, but there you go investigate is and much. I think that it is best to remove it and in your case you go putting small amounts each month, and in your case if it is possible to use it for your expenses. It is clear that to take that money from that account leaves a trace and that cannot be avoided but we're going to put it in other because it leaves more of a trace. Obviously I understand that it is a money inherited and not declared, so I think that in any case in front of the state tax administration agency you'll always have a inheritance of the same and has not risk (the risk what you have with the Delegation of Economy and finance of your Community but what you need although do not move the money). I if it is not necessary to leave where it is but let's but get it out and what you want to believe that being of heritage you should not have any problems.


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