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Doubt rescue fund pension

Good day Last year rescue of a pension fund in the form of capital (exempt, 40%) do not know if the data in the draft are already correct or do I have to apply I that 40%.the reductions do not coincide exactly with the 40% p. e-cash 29187.06 retention 2626.84 reduction 10095.57 I look forward to your reply A greeting


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Because reduction in principle is the one that declares the bank and is 40% what happens is that it is only in respect of the benefits obtained that correspond to the payments made until 1 January 2007 when you change the law. From this date, the yields obtained in the form of capital, does not have a capital reduction. Come on you have 25.238,93 euros corresponding to premiums prior to 2007 and 3.948,13 euros for the rest. The only option would have been to see if you compensated for fiscally opt for capital or income. In any case I would confirm with the bank that this is so.


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