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However, vehicle to non-payment

I have a problem with the financial brand, it turns out that in 2008 we had to buy a car at home, I access on weekdays to my job and my mother to go to town run errands etc., I chose a car cheapie and wanted my mother to sign the papers, and it turns out that the 3 months of having the car kick me out of the work and close the company, I was able to take care of the first 6 months of the car, but then honestly I could not be responsible since it was the car or put food in the house (they are 250eur letter) and the pension of my mother arrives for the rental and little more. Until the day of today, we do not have news of the financial, the car is in the name of my mother, but with reservation of ownership, the question is what can happen to my mother? (Apart from pay) and do to the car?, our intention is to pay but we just can't. Thanks to all of you, and encourage you for that as we are going wrong.


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From what you say I understand that you carry almost 3 years without paying loan fees and it is very unlikely that you would not have said anything until now and the truth is that I don't know if to tell you that you will continue as until now or that you call the financial to know the reason why you will not have said anything and let them know your intent to pay. I that your would try to negotiate what you can


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