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How to transfer money from one bank account community of Spain, being resident in Spain

If I have an account in a country community, and I want to transfer the money to my Spanish account, what is the best way of doing it, without having to pay too much in taxes? I have the right to have this account there? There they know that I live in Spain, but I'm not a resident there. Many thanks in advance


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Having a foreign account does not plan any tax problem and bring that money either. Really in spain you have to declare the income obtained in their case abroad, and if it is the case in the new recovered Tax of Heritage by the balance you have at the end of each year into that account. Really have it out or not it is normal that for the purposes of Tax will not affect (you may have to pay there more and less here but in the full amount of the normal thing is to pay the same or even more if you have it out). Another issue is that taking there today do not declare anything, and of course bring it here implies that it is visible and you start to pay.


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