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I have a nissan primera 1900 120cv. To me it was the turbo and buy one of cange (repaired), place without cleaning anything from the circuit admissions and tear but not step or ten minutes, the car speed up only to such an extent that he came to break the turbo. Take me to reglaran and explained to me the the procesimiento. Then before you put the turbo just managed to clean the entire system of admission including intercoler, clean oil circuit disassemble crankcase and clean it. When I put the turbo and verify that all components are well connected, try to boot and nothing makes the attempt but fails to boot, you buy auto start and also I get to start it someone could help me please that I can think of nothing thank you for your answers a greeting


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Is it possible that you got the oil that was in the intercooler, that is why I speed up so much that surely I bend a connecting rod or valves. Check the compression


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