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From the side of the street I watch the women pass.

1. From a balcony located 4 m from the street, drop a stone and a coin. If the mass of the two objects is different, will they have the same acceleration? Do you weigh the same? What of them will come before the floor? What will come more quickly?


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If we regard the coefficient of friction with the air, the 2 come at once to the ground and with the same speed, as though the masses are different, the acceleration of gravity is the same for both (9.8 m/s2 ) With respect to the volume and different masses, only if the friction coefficient is considerably greater in one another, even weighing the same, example 10 Kg. straw and 10 Kg. of lead, straw, due to its greater volume has greater friction with the air,.. therefore the lead could reach the ground before, but there the emptiness, straw and lead,.. the attraction of G and the speed of fall, it is the same for both, ... llegarian at the same time.


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Up to Newton would give him a positive vote for your answer!


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