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Fault in a no-frost

Good morning Bob, I am a colleague that I am dedicated to the repair of electronic and electrical appliances while the cold I've not played much and even fewer no-frost. I have been a problem with a no-frost model, it works correctly for a period of time of almost a month, after which it does a lot and as it is logical to hang the fan. I have changed the thermostat, the timer works properly, the thermostat fixed to the defrosting also I've checked and this good, can you help me to resolve the glitch? I need quite, a greeting and thanks in advance.


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I have to tell you that the regrigeración is not my specialty, I do not know what "fan" you are referring to, what I guess what this is a setup and not of a domestic refrigerator? I think that you will do better to consult a professional on the topic, ¡Sorry!... always at your disposal.


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