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Default memory qualities

Hello, good afternoon, I have a problem, I've bought a new home and in the memory of qualities puts that to the outside doors/windows this intended a double glazing consisting of 2 moons-polished 6mm and a vacuum chamber intermdio 12mm thick, in reality it has become in 2 moons pulidad of 3mm and a vacuum chamber intermediate of 6mm of thickness, when you go to complain to the construction company tell me that they have done so because the glazing that you have put is of higher quality than they had planned in the beginning and that the level of soundproofing is similar to that of the moons of 6mm and camera 12mm. My question is how can I do to verify that it does not deceive me and claim to put me what we agreed or I pay the difference in price? Thanks for the reply in advance Greetings. Jose


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