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Enabling a non-emancipated son to appear in court

Well, here I am again, that as soon as I see your responses is like watching the heaven open. Enabling a child is not emancipated for comaprecer in judgment: it says the authorization that you need to a child is not emancipated to be able to comparcer in court having been sued and hurt you if you do not appear, and says that you need this accreditation if you do not have authorization by the law or their parents, my question is...are you referring to minor children does not? Because an older person does not need permission from their parents to stand trial, isn't it? - Information for perpetual memory what does that mean? I do not understand that it is a information for perpetual memory, what I could sponer an example? - After speaking of the declaration of absence and says: both applications for a declaration of absence as the oppositions that are to be deducted shall be resolved by following the tramietes of the oral proceedings, by order against which it will appeal, which is hearing o the hearing on that subject.. (this I do not understand much the truth, I guess that will be something like that that is not in accordance with the declaration of absence may object, appealing to it, but I'm not sure, and will be of a verbal, and that will hold such an appeal to the people interested, what I'm more or less right, or I'm very lost? For the moment nothing more, thank you again for everything... Sonia.


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