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Is the same love and affection? Or not

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months and he told me that he only cared for me who still did not feel love for me. And that I was afraid to tell me that he loves me because I was afraid to stop feeling him in some future but that he loved me a lot and today I told him that today I got the idea that he would never tell me he loves me and I would never feel love for me and told me everything in time not to force things ... I do not know all this has me so confused


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I imagine how you feel, you have to give it time. Think about what it is better to wait for him to tell you from the heart that he loves you, to tell you that he loves you without feeling it. Imagine this situation, there are people who have couples and feel more alone than if they were. I prefer that when I have a partner they tell me that they love me when they really feel it. Otherwise it would be a lie and that hurts a lot. I hope to see you helped. And be patient, in the end everything comes.


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