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I have a 4-wire motor, I do not know if it is three-phase single-phase orders, 2 are (white), and 2 are brown.

The engine has 2 cables (white), and 2 brown or brown, the whites measure 3 omnios and the browns 1.5 omnios, I know that the targets are working and the browns start, but since I am not a technician, please How to identify if it is three-phase or single-phase, eye does not have the information plate.


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Have you measured resistance between whites and browns? If it were a three-phase motor, there should be 3 equal coils, with the same resistance. Everything seems to indicate that it is a single-phase motor.


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Single phase, without a doubt. What if, I will know what work stress is !. Each target is connected with each brown, and there tension is given and it turns in one direction. If one reverses the whites connected to the browns ... it rotates in the opposite direction.


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