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Grades for window near the estuary

We want to change a window on terrace in front of the estuary, because the one that we have has not been well treated and is one of the crystals without isolation. We were offered several estimates but one is more economic. I wanted to know your opinion, it is winbel w70 tilt. I have seen on the internet that opinions are neither bad nor good, that itself is scarce. The price difference is quite a lot, for this I would need to know about the quality and efficiency, not so much by the noise as by the input of hot/cold.


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The winbel w70 is in the line of the PVC, double frames together, 70mm in section and 5 cameras. With a coefficient of transmitacia of Uf(W/m2.) (K) = 1.3; as typical for this series. If you join a quality glass you can get good values of thermal/acoustic insulation. For thermal issue you recomendaroa glass low emissivity, ARGON gas in the Chamber and in special cases even triple-glazed with low emission and gas to obtain very high values.


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