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I can see the car circulating with high temperatures

When it comes to the strong heat and put the air conditioning of the car when I'm moving suddenly I cala car. I made the decision not to put the air, but now when you do extreme heat as these days even without putting the air, it also comes to me penetrating the car always circulating. I have been able to detect that cove when it jumps in the radiator fan, but it does on some occasions, but lately no more. Since, as commented before, I cala circulating even without putting the air conditioning. Can it be that the problem for the what is me stalling the car to circulate by the radiator fan? What could be in the short internally and cause that stalling the car? Or it may be that by power of labatería or the alternator or the own revolutions of the car, what when you jump the fan to come on low and that is why cala? The revolutions bother low, are about something yet less than a 1000. In winter it does not, I think that the problem can come by the fan deldel radiator.


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The charge of the alternator, if it is below 13.50, wait for the fan to jump and see if it goes lower, if it does, look at the negative cable and positivi in ​​case they are sulphated, if they are OK, the alternator That's wrong.


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