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Change radio Seat Toledo MK2

I have a Seat Toledo from 2000 to which I would like to change the radio, got the serial and will fail the 1 and 2 buttons, as well as the reader of CDs that goes in the glove box. I to illusion to put a radio in these modern sell now with a screen, but apparently I can only put radios 1DIN, although I have seen videos on YouTube of people changing the whole front to put a 2DIN. Has anyone done this and is it viable? In case of not being able to put the 2DIN, are there any radio 1DIN that it can be "concealed"? That is to say, that look that came with the car. I've been looking at several and most are too bulky, so to speak, with too many buttons, extravagant designs and I do not like the aesthetics that give the interior. Even I consider the possibility of a radio with a screen "folding", which are 1DIN and when you turn on the car the screen comes up, but I don't have much faith in this kind of radios... What advice do you give me?


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Your radio is like this, no? ![](//blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/3c827dd44a67aee466b4a4c516721a79.jpg)


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