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How to find the loss of coolant and that should be that the ride will fog the windshield? I have a fiat punto 2008

Started after a cleaning of the radiator ... replace your water pump because I had lost out there now doesn't that make the loss persists, and taints each time more the windshield someone who can give me a solution


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Loss insurance, that is for the botellon salvor, where the liquid reaches boiling, it evaporates (that is lost), and you are filled with steam and clouded the windshield. So your engine is heating up. What to look for, is the CAUSE, which can be many, simple or complex: Simple: -That the cap pressure on the radiator have the spring overcome, and do not keep it pressurized -Electric fan that will not start, either failure, or failure of the temperature sensor Complex: -Thermostat clogged that it does not work -Radiator dirty or plugged -Plugging in lines of cooling is internal to the engine. If you do not what to fix and what you continue using as well, you're going to end up with the board of cover-cylinder burned, and a repair well face.


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