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What BARGAIN way to travel from London to Suffolk?

We just getting, a little late, a price more or less acceptable for two people of Spain to London, for 148 euros round trip to London. We would be 18th to the 24th of July. The thing is that we were going to visit friends in Suffolk, and the budget is not to throw rockets, at least mine, so that we seek the cheapest way to travel from London (London to Suffolk (I still don't know the exact site, because I know that Suffolk is quite large), because in the train, two people back and forth are 180 euros. If you know cheap sites for overnight stays, which are not hostels, but this is the cheapest, but in the end.. it can Not be, are also welcome. Search for flights it gives me quite well, but already with the local transport london I'm quite lost. And in the second, also.


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