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I get a lot of gasoline (L)

Almost about 4 months I got the driving license, since then I have not caught a lot of the car, until about two weeks ago in which I caught as usual to go to work (I usually go by bike). The car that I currently use is a Seat Toledo 1.8 20V (petrol), 2000 (MK2) which is the car that has been accompanying my parents and to me during these 18 years. The way that I do from home to work and from work to home is relatively short (about 6KM) and without many complications, I know him quite well and I do not causes any problems, except for one thing, the clutch. The first day that I took this car I was struck not once, however last Friday I stalled like 20 times or more (no exaggeration). I am already taking "fear", because now every arrest is becoming a challenge, for the fact of having to boot after. There are days that I am cala, one after another, from behind me beeps, I get nervous, I cove more, and what step are really bad. In driving school, I picked up a habit (probably bad) of starting off with just the clutch, it was a Golf diesel, quite modern and everything was moving without any problems just dropping the clutch, then stepped on accelerator to get more speed. With time, I began to accompany the outputs with the throttle and if it is true that out faster, but with the Toledo I can not, if I try to come up fast for example when I'm standing and I want to join fast on a roundabout, I cala if or if. The problem is that I don't know if maybe you loose too much clutch or I need to give more throttle, because if it is true that I have always been very "grabbing" with the throttle, I said the prof, but I also like to do motor revving more than necessary. What would be the correct way of starting off with a petrol, drop a bit of clutch, accelerate and release more clutch or stepping on first a bit of throttle and go dropping the clutch? I guess every car is a world but to have a little idea of how to do the game ft. To see if you can give me some advice, because after all I've been through to get me the card does not want to have the car there parked under the sun day in and day out, having to go to work by bike (although it has its advantages) and passing a lot of heat because it gives me panic calar the car. Thanks, and forgive the long interview, I wanted to explain as best as possible.


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