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Las Ventanas

Maybe the question is weird but is that my I like the windows with brightness and although it may seem a folly I would rather isolate a bit less, but not that much clear, and what have some brightness. Is that the matte color to my seems to me always as if I were dirty and almost old. The pvc has nothing brightness? And is it true that yellow more than the aluminum? I have budgeted 4 15 6 not if it'll be good for some thermal and acoustic insulation. Are sliding because, according to the home may not be in another way. Aluminum rpt I guess that there will be something more than brightness. But reduce very much the thermal and acoustic insulation compared to pvc? Not to do the truth if you take pvc or aluminum rpt. If they were some shoes I bought any but it is quite a bit of money and for quite a long time has me nervous. Some say pvc other aluminium not to do.


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