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Double period? I'm worried and we use a condom, the second time it happens to me.

I have a doubt about the menstrual cycle because I read that sometimes you spot a little to middle of the month. I have 20 years and not long ago I started to have sex, my period started the 1st and I had sex on the 4th of August, as the rule was super little and we used a condom (we always check by inflating or with water after finishing any thing) but the day 14 at night manche very little underwear, the 15, and up to today 17 I have flow as a rule, that is regular flow. I have read that it is normal that lasts for 2 days the flow, but I also see that in other pag that if it lasts 3 can be in pregnancy, even that would be little flow. The truth I'm a little scared because when I did it for the first time after like 10 days I also step, but it was a little stream not so much as a rule. Please serious helpful for me to explain a little bit more because seriously, I would not want to be pregnant because I am still very young and we always try to take care and be cautious.


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