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Act of complacency, normal or supernatural

My question seems very common, since masturbation is something very common and I personally have nothing against it. What happens is that I love to experience things very strong and therefore I would like to know if it is something normal what I'm doing with myself. To start I will do so by saying that I am a very sensual girl, I love the postures and exotic and everything that could give me pleasure to me and to my partner. I have No taboos and I try to fulfill any fantasy that happens to me, do not rest until get it. By my past as a gymnast I have a flexibility very good that also contributes to being able to perform my gestures, acrobatic stunts, and it is precisely this, the subject of my question today. It turns out that in one of my afternoons of pleasure alone, it occurred to me after being very, very, very hot with my toys, as prácticarme oral sex to myself. My flexibility gives me the chance of reaching my vagina without much effort, it was always that way, but the truth, I never adopted the posture nude. That afternoon I was fiddling a lot with my feelings and so I finished but so excited that I made an opening to the front and stayed with my open vagina completely in my nose. Was very wet, pouring out until my anus completely... Doubted for a second if I dared or not to lamerla but after a moment was overwhelming my desire to do so, more than for the pleasure of testing the truth was the desire to receive the oral sex on my clitoris, but in the end I enjoyed intensely to my taste. I started to pass gently my tongue from top to bottom, I stopped to subsionar the clitoris a few moments and then coming down with my tongue licking up to the very anus. I entered several times my tongue completely both front and back, I bite, I put my fingers while I licked the clit, in the end, I di as you said ordinarily a good blowjob! (Sorry for the term) Needless to say, I ended up exploding into a magnificent and gigantic orgasm that I assume had to listen to the goalkeeper almost deaf in my building! But just do not bother me, I was pleased 100% and happy with myself not to put limits on my imagination. Now, do not question is not whether it is correct or not to enjoy my body in this way. What I want to know is if it would be fine to mention this to my boyfriend, because I am afraid that although this is not a guy's schematic, nor with taboos, on the contrary, is very open minded. But equally I am afraid that this act did not please him much to know and reject me in some way, especially because I would like to ever do it in front of him so that I enjoy watching and participate if you so wish. Someone to have me on your criteria


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I think it's good that you experiment with your body if you wish, I do not know why you should feel guilt if your partner loves you and respects you will understand it and maybe something good will come out of both to experience together as well. The self-satisfaction and acceptance of your body I think is always good because it helps you to know and love yourself which is the most important.


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