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What happens when a 6-month-old baby is hit in the head?

My baby is six months old, at night it fell out of bed, but on a blanket, the sound of the hit m woke up, I lifted it, I checked and it seems okay but it distresses me think it may happen more, I'll be on the lookout the next few hours is it very serious? WHAT the consequences? Please help


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I am not a doctor but I worked in a Hospital. In principle, the babies have the skull more resilient than it seems. The anterior fontanelle or frontal quits on the 9 to 19 months of age. That is to say amortiguaríaalgo the blow to the head. The posterior fontanelle, behind, closed over the 2 months or before. If you look at the baby and don't appreciate anything, she is most likely fine. Clear that you do not specify the coup, strength, or anything else, as if you have observed any sequel. The only way to be safe and you recommend it, for your peace of mind and to avoid possible remorse of conscience in the future an immediate review in to the doctor and diagnosed.


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