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My car runs out of liquid of brake, if the tank of brake fluid runs out of fluid the brake wouldn't I?

The tank of my car brake fluid runs out of liquid and return him to throw and runs out of fluid, my question is if I ran out of anything fluid in the brake reservoir, would the brake pedal does not work me or a little?


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Loss of liquid... where to lose the liquid?. The cars today all have "Dual-circuit", so that if a circuit stops working, continues to do the other... but because the braking is very, very, very poor: Only "get up to the workshop closest to you". And if you run out of liquid in a circuit, is not enough to make it up: the system "Sucks air", and will besides be fixed the loss, purging all the pipe, because the air is trapped, does not apply the brakes. And by the way, sometimes, the loss is within the same cylinder of brakes... so it may be that they fail THE TWO circuits of brake at the same time. A failure of these, is as a "heart attack" for a human being, you can Not play with that and require to be resolved URGENTLY.


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Yes, if you run out of liquid in the vessel, not desceba the circuit. And in the case that it is because one of the lines (if it is a pump double plunger) to lose liquid, the other would still function. Always idea a certain amount of liquid on the plunger. But the ability of braking is you are left with is ridiculous, apart from only braking two wheels (according to which cases, crossed, or different axis) with the resulting imbalance of the brake, and the half of braking surface, besides as I said, the servo is attending in the same way, and only do the normal force when braking, the two wheels will lock as if you were pusando to fund, and if you step to the background, you will be subjecting it to that part of the circuit to an overpressure terrible...


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