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Where can I report to a bar where food is handled and cooked without a license?

Stews in the patio next to the toilets are made in-house. All kinds of sandwiches are served. BBQ without smoke extractors are made. The local has no kitchen, no municipal permission to put it '<pre class="map" contenteditable="false">{"lat": 37.281477978789, "lng": - 7.15518951416016}'</pre>


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As you paint, there are many things so that you can report... For the issue of the extractor fan and the kitchen mounted in the yard, it is Health who is responsible for monitoring these practices. For the issue of municipal permits or licenses of openness, it is the municipality itself or simply going to put the complaint to the local police.. If complaints directly to Health, the fine could be double, because they shall inform the local authorities. In addition, I recommend the latter because Health will not quote in their reports who filed the complaint, whereas if you go to the local police or the town hall, if you are summoned, even to declare... A greeting and I hope I have clarified your doubts.


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