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Does the car improve by changing the battery?

I have changed the battery of the car for a new one, and I do not know if it is my imagination or that but I notice the car with more power. It may be true? Or has nothing to do? What are the improvements when you switch to a new battery?


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So has Utd all the reason,,,, I give a small explanation to understand easily,,,, The battery of the car can be said,,,,, that is a "warehouse" of electrical energy, is capable of storing an amount of current when it is new, it is the top rated that may contain, for example, 100 Amp /hour which allows you to have a certain power, in this case would be (W = V \* I ) over 1200 Watts, (perhaps 10% less for losses) As you get older, your ability to store current is reduced, and therefore decreasing the power required to power all of the electrical devices and the boot of the car,, Although the alternator is responsible for recharging the battery, this time does not have the ability to store the current reload that sends the alternator,,,,, the time comes to that, nor even has enough power to start the car,,,.


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Because as a user of your own car, your feeling is real, even if the battery generates very little load to the engine. As you know all the energy consumed by the car comes from the gasoline once you have started the engine, so that the battery no longer has a job. The job of the battery is to start the engine, which consumes a percentage noticeable of your load, that needs to retrieve from the engine through the alternator and a regulator that protects it. That is all the work of the battery. Unless, your alternator or regulator are not working, then the battery would activate the electrical functions of the car. The new battery, you may lose less load at boot, so it requires less power to recharge, and consequently, you can feel the car more "lightweight". This of course is especacion considering he acts as the battery of your car. As you want, it would not hurt to give it a checadita the alternator or the regulator. Since you noticed a change only when you replace the battery


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