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You are hurting so much.

Well, I have a puppy, mini Schnauzer was in his zeal we came out and already in the early morning the had a dog boxer concerned that obio is that she can not have I went to take her to the vet which I suggest to put an injection so that you will not be embarazaba the case is that since the put has tremors .diarrhea vomiting is hot .. I take out and injected to not have pain and for vomiting and diarrhea but the truth not for now makes diarrhea that smells like rotten please help!!!\* That is my dog


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First that nothing I recommend you change your veterinarian. And your dog can give serum either of some health care centre or a shop could be dehydrated because of diarrhea and this same dehydration causes him tremors if in 1 or 2 days you don't see improvement bring her back to the vet


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