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Discomfort in the knee by running

I am 13 years old and I am football game for the 13 sub player and I've been to several clubs category average in several clubs in Panama, but during the 3 last weeks I felt a discomfort in my knee when I run and I am very scared by that don't have been able to run well is c OMO a mild pain lost the final of a tournament yesterday by that same reason feel discomfort in the knee to move me


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Another athlete. In the first place to visit to a professional, either an orthopedic surgeon or physical therapist. They are accustomed to and will be diagnosed. Depends on which part of the knee, which is not specific, it may be ligaments that will heal with rest, massage and exercise. Or menisci, but given your youth and if you have not had sharp turns that you have to feel pain, or shock, rather, I am inclined to think kind of muscle, or ligaments, you will see. You can search in Google "Anatomy of the knee" and sabiedo where it is located each thing, according to where you hurt you can get an idea. Don't be afraid.


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