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Vancouver or Toronto?

I am a boy a little hesitant, I'm finishing studying and I am looking for a city to which to go.. For the truth I need support to seek where is that in reality I'm going to go live and to study, among my options this Toronto, this city has a climate very extreme and the city is contaminant if you can say even though I don't know, this Vancouver in Canada also, but it seems to me that it is a growing city and it's still missing, however, it is the city's #1 for living in the world, but sometimes I see things that made me change my mind, I would like a little bit of your help and your opinions, it is worth to explain and talk to me, I was Also thinking in Alberta, or Montreal, but it is not, please help me to fix my goal.


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Certainly the decision is not easy, because what is left over from one city lacks another, but that is why I refer you to this site where you will find more information about Canada and even a forum where people tell their experiences and recommend the best cities and I know it will be very useful for you. [http://loszieglerencanada.com/2008/09/18/ottawa-ciudad-mas-inteligente-2008](http://loszieglerencanada.com/2008/09/18/ottawa-ciudad-mas-inteligente-2008) /


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