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What is my dog?

A week ago I have my dog about 10-12 years and 2 weeks ago he has this, we do not know what it is. If someone can help me know what it is and what to do welcome is the help. I leave you a couple of images. ! [] (// blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/2e53d9525d0d2c34de7f5790cc06a8f5.jpg)! [] (// blob.todoexpertos.com/uploads/md/405c0b519e42a2b26d9a4a75337e5f2e.jpg)


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Tumor ... We do not know what type but ... It is best to take him to the vet as soon as possible.


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It seems to me your prayer of the anal glands or a hepatoude. In any case you should go to a veterinarian, the treatment is surgical


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