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How to connect my mobile with my 1 din car radio

I have a new autoradio 1 DIN modeto TUVVA 7578 and has the function of phonelink, which serves to connect the mobile to the autoradio by means of a usb cable and thus be able to see in the autoradio of what I see in the mobile. The front panel also has an auxiliary port that I don't use it for anything, apart from the other connections that you have in the rear. The issue is that I want to connect the mobile to the autoradio but without usb cable by means but wirelessly. I have tested with applications such as android auto, mirrilink but without success I can only with cable. I would like to know if there is another way to connect the mobile with the autoradio, but without the cable through the mediation of some adapter that you can use to be possible in the auxiliary since the usb port of the autoradio I use it to put a pendrive.


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Long time I looked for a system as you say your. In my case to be able to use Android Auto car without cables. Sorry to inform that nothing there is. I thought that it would require an emulator cable that could connect by USB and installing any app on the phone but there is none of that. He will play pull on cable like everyone else. Fslices parties.


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